Equation Festival, Vietnam (April 2018)
Strawberry Fields Festival, Australia (November 2018)


‘umbra’, consisting of three large-scale Tetris-style blocs, resembles a basic maze through which visitors are invited to wander. A number of lights and projectors are arranged between the white semi-opaque walls of the structure,

casting drifting shadows around passers-by.

While in a normal maze, people are tricked and find themselves lost between the labyrinthine walls, in Umbra, the artifice consists of a visual illusion between the audiences’ silhouettes and the intermittent projection of performers’ shadows, which have previously been filmed and are then projected onto the walls of the installation.

Concept & creative direction:

Dalia Somi

Video & creative direction:

Anita Wilczega

Collaborating artists:

Linh Valerie Pham (puppeteer & movement artist), Nguyen Duy Thanh (dancer), Ta Dinh Huy (acrobat), Vu Cong Minh (acrobat), Lara Jaecks (live performance)

Find out more about our collaborators: 

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Pictures Umbra Strawberry Fields: Ben Bear

Pictures + Footage Umbra Equation: Propaganda Productions