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Equation Festival, Vietnam (April 2018)
Strawberry Fields Festival, Australia (November 2018)


‘umbra’, consisting of three large-scale Tetris-style blocs, resembles a basic maze through which visitors are invited to wander. A number of lights and projectors are arranged between the white semi-opaque walls of the structure, casting drifting shadows around passers-by.

While in a normal maze, people are tricked and find themselves lost between the labyrinthine walls, in Umbra, the artifice consists of a visual illusion between the audiences’ silhouettes and the intermittent projection of performers’ shadows, which have previously been filmed and are then projected onto the walls of the installation.

Strategically located between the camping site and the festival’s main grounds, ‘umbra’ served as a place of interaction between different people within the context of the temporary event.

Still from Lara Jaecks Performance, Equation Festival, 2018. Credits to Propaganda Pictures


Installation view, Equation Festival, 2018. Credits: Propaganda Pictures

Screenshot 2020-11-23 at 19.15.28.png

Installation view, Strawberry Fields, 2018


Installation set-up view, Strawberry Fields, 2018


3D model of installation


Still from Lara Jaecks Performance, Equation Festival, 2018. Credits: Propaganda Pictures

Concept & creative direction: Dalia Somi

Video & creative direction: Anita Wilczega

Collaborating artists: Linh Valerie Pham (puppeteer & movement artist), Nguyen Duy Thanh (dancer), Ta Dinh Huy (acrobat), Vu Cong Minh (acrobat), Lara Jaecks (live performance)

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