Video scenography
Lupine Studios, Melbourne/Naarm, Australia (February 2020)



Concept & drawings:

Dalia Somi

Concept & animations:

Anita Wilczega

Collaborating artists:

Tiny Giant

Obelia Waxwing

Find out more about our collaborators: 

Tiny Giant - Bandcamp

Tiny Giant - Facebook

Obelia Waxwing - Facebook

Obelia Waxwing - Instagram

The first video scenography under #thisisnotavjset banner was displayed during 2nanas present: Tiny Giant & Obelia Waxwing (AV show).

In a venture to conjure up what memories might look like, unreliably balancing between reality and imaginary, 2nanas crafted dreamlike scenarios for musical acts inspired by their own experiences.

The cosmic powers have worked their magic to bring to Melbourne the hypnotic Hanoi-based duo Tiny Giant for an other-wordly performance, supported by Obelia Waxing that invited the audience into their Lynch-like eerie sound universe.

The event was livestreamed by 56K Records.