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Video scenography
Lupine Studios, Melbourne/Naarm, Australia (February 2020)


Screenshot 2020-11-22 at 19.39.20.png

Untitled scenography still, 2020

Screenshot 2020-11-22 at 20.52.36.png

Untitled scenography still, 2020

‘this is not a vj set’ is a video scenography concept for live music performances. Placing musicians in front of a large screen, a visual narrative unfolds, together with the progression of sound. Hand-drawn sketches mutate into physical spaces, which gradually become animated to compose a reactive environment that encompasses the artists.

The first event bringing the concept to life was presented together with two sound duos - Tiny Giant and Obelia Waxwing and took place in Naarm/Melbourne. Inspired by their ethereal sounds, a series of scenographies was created in a venture to conjure up what memories look like. Drawings interlaced with animation and video were then manipulated live through a semi-improvised performance.


Tiny Giant performing at Lupine Studios, Naarm/Melbourne, 2020


Obelia Waxwing performing at Lupine Studios, Naarm/Melbourne, 2020

Concept & drawings: Dalia Somi

Concept & animations: Anita Wilczega

Collaborating artists: Tiny Giant & Obelia Waxwing

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