synescape: live performance

Live Performance
Tinh Dau, Hanoi (June 2018)

‘synescape: live performance’ is an audiovisual experimental live concert which served as an introductory event to ‘synescape:please touch’ exhibition.

The prelude featured sound artist LinhHafornow who activated her vocal arrangements via electric sensors integrated within the installation suspended at the centre of space. Accompanying this element was live sound design and a video sequence, both of which were guided by Linh Ha's movements.

Each artist was responding through their medium to the peculiarities of the space -a red-lit attic art venue with crumbling, egg-yolk facades, wodden shutters and creaking floors; to create a unique site-specific experience.

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 18.45.32.png

Still from performance, Tinh Dau, 2018

Still from performance, Tinh Dau, 2018

Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 18.39.09.png

Still from performance, Tinh Dau, 2018


Set-up and rehearsal view, Tinh Dau, 2018

Concept & sound design: Alistair Hobson

Concept & video installation: Anita Wilczega

Voice & movement: LinhHafornow

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Alistair Hobson