ORA - We're Only Gettin Started


Melbourne/Naarm, Australia (December 2020)

‘We’re Only Getting Started’ by ORA is the first video chapter of the album ‘The Skinny King of Nowhere’. It offers an investigation into the realm of dreams and oneiric scenarios. The point of departure for the video is the idea of a disobedient shadow gaining control over a dancer’s body as she descents into a frenzied state. A sense of dream-like physicality is realized through the use of a parallel layer which interacts with the dance performance.

The project was born from Naarm/Melbourne-based producer ORA’s vision to compose a cinematic soundscape to a horror film that does not exist, where each song narrates a disembodied chapter from an eerie tale. Whereas a soundtrack is generally completed after the last edit of a film, ORA has reversed the process with a music album being fleshed out in short films.

Concept & creative direction: Dalia Somi & Anita Wilczega

Edit & colour: Anita Wilczega

Music: ORA

Dancer: Marisa Matear

Cinematography (main): Athina Wilson, Nyssa Mitchel