intransmission Hanoi

Live art show
Heritage Space, Vietnam (September/October 2017)

‘intransmission’ is a series of experimental multidisciplinary live art shows exploring individual perception and collective experience.

The format of the show consists of two separate spaces with analogous interactive installations which audiences visit one after the other. Different sensory elements from Space 1 find their way into Space 2, creating a distorted version of whatever is happening in Space 1.

The first edition performed in Hanoi used digitization as medium of distortion. Both audio and video material recorded in Space 1 was processed, distorted and live-streamed, thus creating the artistic content for Space 2.

Concept, creative production and direction:

Anita Wilczega and Dalia Somi


Participating artists:

Think Playgrounds (installation, Space 1), Daniel Day Long & Julien Noyer (visuals, Space 2), Hai Duy (percussion, Space 1), Linh Ha (voice, Space 1), Nguyen Thu Thuy (dàn ty bà, Space 1), Vu Nhat Tan (music, Space 2), Alistair Hobson (music, Space 2), Numbfoot (music, Space 1&2) and Quan (music, Space 2)


Josh Althaus

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Pictures: Noi Pictures