What is the most memorable interaction you had with a perfect stranger? 

Since childhood, we are taught to avoid speaking to strangers. Growing up, we inadvertently fall into fearing ‘the other’. We strive to reduce interactions from outside our inner-circle to a minimum, as essential as we now understand them to have been. As we retreat back and recoil into our social bubbles, we are inclined to reflect on the importance of these ephemeral interactions.




Dear friend, welcome to our experiment. 


As we lay out the groundwork for our next project, we’re calling for you to contribute a story. 

All we need is a couple of minutes of your time.


(apart from dazzling us with your personality on the daily):

. Have a think about some of the most memorable interactions you had with strangers and share one with us if you’d like.

. Tell us the story through a voice note (ideally) - because:


(we don’t know exactly yet, but this should help give you an idea):

. Work to re-interpret each story into a series of abstract fragments, creating unique compositions using sound, image & video.

. Create a mixed media memory map (an oral history of strangers of sorts).

. Speculate a key to interpret social interactions in a new light.

. Make it available online for you to explore as an interactive page (albeit a low budget beta version for now).







(we will try to keep this brief and spare you the curatorial blabos here)

. We know some of you will have excellent stories to tell and unique ways of telling them, we’d love to collect them all in one place.

. We want to re-think the meaning of human interactions beyond their purpose or function.


. We hope to celebrate the unexpected one-off interactions which we believe are raw in that they are likely to be devoid of stiff pleasantries or social obligations. 


(although we accept complete defiance there-of if you so fancy):

. Length of the voice note: ideally between 1-5 minutes long but if you manage to express what you want in less time or you feel like you wanna pour your heart out and leave us a 40 minute voice note, well that’s perfectly okay.

. About the stranger: someone you didn’t know and that you never saw again.

. About the interaction: any type of reciprocal exchange - as in both people were aware that it was happening. However there may not have been any word said out loud, and that’s fine! We’re not necessarily looking for a deep conversation.

. The contribution is anonymous but we may want to use excerpts of your voice note in the piece - let us know if that’s okay with you and/or if you’re okay with someone else (re)narrating your story. 

. Record in the language of your choice !


Anita: +39 3497862482

Dalia: +33 695635268

Alistair: +44 7946304190

- We don’t want you to spend too much time on it - just tell it as you remember it;


- We are particularly interested in oral storytelling and ways of relating it to other media.

Send your stories via Whatsapp or Telegram: