2nanas is an interdisciplinary duo. It specialises in artistic conceptualisation, direction and production assistance in the visual arts, sound art and creative community projects.

Its two founders, Anita Wilczega (Poland) and Dalia Somi (France), work in collaboration with artists, musicians and organizations, creating expert teams for original projects.

2nanas was founded with the conviction that art produces meaningful social change and that its influence can be extended to other domains. To this day 2nanas has partnered and collaborated with over 30 multidisciplinary artists, as well as thinkers and makers from different fields of action and expertise.

As a duo, 2nanas is mostly interested in working with trans-disciplinary structures and concepts revolving around the dichotomy between digital and analogue. The perfect (im)balance between the two has shaped the lens through which the duo engages people’s senses and perceptions, a central theme in each of their projects.